Boldly outgoing and open minded, the MINI Convertible is packed with impulse and energy. The very essence of roof down, summer driving excitement – it stimulates your senses and lets you capture and share those subtle moments of pure open-road joy. It’s a non-stop thrill behind the wheel. It'll make you feel more alive and offer an air of sophistication in the sunshine. With unlimited headroom, there’s always a little more to enjoy.

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  1. A Vehicle Order shall only be made upon full payment of the Non-Refundable Reservation Fee by the Client which shall form part of the purchase price of the vehicle. Partial payments on the reservation fee may be honored, but full payment is required to place Order.
  2. Reservation fee is automatically forfeited in favor of the Dealer if the agreed reservation period lapsed or Client does not proceed with the sale or is unable to pay the full purchase price of the Motor Vehicle after Order.
  3. Dealer can re-allocate the Motor Vehicle in case Client fails to consummate the purchase and/or accept delivery within the agreed reservation period.
  4. Non-refundable Reservation Fee shall not be used for any other purpose without the express agreement in writing by the Client and Dealer.

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